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Displaying totals in the title area of a worksheet.

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edited Oct 3, 2012 8:03AM in Discoverer

I'm using Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus 10g, We're running queries which are retrieving in excess of 10,000 rows .

Does anyone know of a method to display totals at the top of the page rather than the bottom as viewing the total means scrolling through 100s of pages. or is there a way to insert the totals into the title area.



  • Rod West
    Rod West Member Posts: 4,025 Gold Trophy

    You can only display totals in the title area if it is a page item. So you could use an analytic funtion to calculate a total and have this as a page item.

    Another approach would be to use SQL, so for example, you could create a custom view containing a group by that uses grouping sets to create subtotal rows, and then sort the report so these appear at the top.

    In general, though it is better to create reports that return only the rows that you want, so a workbook returning 10000+ rows should have some additional parameters or worksheets so that users could for example, only return summary rows.

    Rod West
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