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Discoverer DESKTOP Error "database failed connect" after execute a Workbook

881944 Member Posts: 11
edited Oct 30, 2012 11:05AM in Discoverer
I have a workbook from a database 'X' that want to execute in a database 'Y'. The EUL is the same in the two database. I was able to open the worbook in the second database but I try to execute the query and i had this ERROR :

"Echec de la connexion à la base de données", Database connection failed in english, I suppose.

The query of the workbook (worksheet) use many "Business Area" for the result.

Can you tell me the cause of this error?

Discoverer Desktop
ORACLEBi Discoverer version


  • Rod West
    Rod West Member Posts: 4,025 Gold Trophy

    This is probably a corrupted workbook. Do the both EULs have the same EUL timestamp? A different timestamp would cause Discoverer to revalidate the workbook and find that it was corrupted.

    Rod West
  • 881944
    881944 Member Posts: 11
    The timestamp was already different because I updated the table EUL5_VERSIONS. But it did'nt do anything, the error is still there.

    But we find out that the condition on the query was the problem. It seems that a specific "Business Area" is not validate by Discoverer, it's why the worksheet query is not able to execute the query.

    A temporary solution for this problem is to force the validation of the "Business Area" who cause the problem, we include this validation in a calculated items. after that the query was able to execute normally.

    But it's not a real solution, because we have to force a validation to the "Business Area" who cause the problem.

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