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Is event timestamp globally unique in a cep application?

887796-Oracle ArchitectMember Posts: 83 Employee
edited Jan 9, 2013 5:10AM in Complex Event Processing

We have an HA application with several HA input adapters. Each adapter is receiving a seperate stream of events (from seperate JMS adapters). One JMS adapter per HA adapter.

Is it possible that 2 events, coming gfrom 2 seperate ha adapters will have the same timestamp?



  • Logically, the timestamp is different among different HA adapters.
  • 887796-Oracle
    887796-Oracle Architect Member Posts: 83 Employee

    I am not sure I understand the answer.

    Is it possible that 2 events, one going thru HA inbound adapter 1 and the second going thru HA inbound adapter 2 will have the same timestamp?
  • Hi,

    Sorry for late reply. In an application, the same event passing through the same HA input adapter has the same timestamp even in different machines(servers).

    Let's consider the EPN as

    inputAdapter -> haInputAdapter1 -> channel1 -> processsor,
    -> haInputAdapter2 -> channel2 -> processor

    1) it's impossible to just let event 1 go thru haInputAdapter1 and event 2 thru haInputAdapter2
    2) If we add a inputAdapter 2 and configure haInputAdapter2 be its listener, the event's timestamp are different inherently. It's just a coincide to be same.
    3) Now we don't change the EPN, even event 1 received by inputAdapter and event 1 received by inputAdapter2 are on the same time, HA input adapter need to update the timestamp of the event, the timestamp through the ha input adapters are not guaranteed to be same because there is no such synchronization mechanism(this is not needed).

    Make sense?

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