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dbcontrol migrate to enterprise manager cloud control 12c

603705 Member Posts: 8
edited Dec 24, 2012 1:39PM in Enterprise Manager
Currently we are using Oracle 11gR2 database in our enterprise and manage them with EM database control.

We're planning to migrate to centralized management with oracle enterprise manager cloud control 12c.

Is it possible to manage DBs both ways, with db control AND using EMCC agent simultaneously?

Is there a easy way to migrate db control managed DBs to be managed by agent?

I've searched EM documentation but didn't find any topic about this job.


  • DilshanD
    DilshanD Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon
    edited Dec 24, 2012 1:39PM
    Hi P2

    Yes You can manage DB from both. But why you are going to use EM instead of Cloud Control 12. You Can do each and every work from it more tan EM. Cloud Control 12c is very good tool.

    No. But You can easily setup them using manual agent push or auto discovery method from cloud control 12c. You need to create password less ssh login to both side for oracle user and open the relevant ports from network. It is very easy. After add agent you can add targets from relevant hosts easily.


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