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EM12c: Change Lifecycle Status of multiple targets

MaLau Member Posts: 34 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 16, 2013 10:01AM in Enterprise Manager

we forgot to set a Lifecycle Status for some targets during the promoting process. I created some incident rules which distinguish themselves by the Lifecycle Status.
So now i have to browse to every target home, open the menu and select "Target Setup" --> "Properties" ... click "Edit" etc.

Does anyone know a smarter solution? Is there a way to change the Lifecycle Status of more than one target at a time?

Thanks and regards,


  • Andrei_
    Andrei_ Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jan 16, 2013 5:14AM

    You can change the target properties with emcli.

    emcli help set_target_property_value

    For example:

    emcli set_target_property_value -property_records="test_database:oracle_database:LifeCycle Status:Production"

    With emcli you can also provide the property records in a file.

    More on emcli:
    [1] Oracle® Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface 12c Release 1 ( -

  • MaLau
    MaLau Member Posts: 34 Blue Ribbon
    Hi Andrei,

    thanks for this tip.
    I have already worked with the emcli(only some OMS config tasks) but i never though about to use it as tool to script some more complex configuration task.

    I think the note will help me with the syntax. Next step will be the selection of the production targets for examlpe. (e.g. all databases which name ends with a "P" or something --> set all belonging targets [host, listenert etc] to Lifecylce Status Production) But this is not your problem! ;-)

    Thank you very much again!
  • 356741
    356741 Member Posts: 2
    that is correct. emcli is the recommended approach for client side scripting. i am always active on this forum but if any specific question is not answered on this forum with regard to the scripting, feel free to route the question to [email protected]
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