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JRF conflict error on extending weblogic domain dev_bpm_spaces

I am using pre-built oracle virtual box vm as configured as dev_bpm_spaces domain. It has soa,bpm, spaces and other components needed for spaces. It does not have portlet server so I am trying to add it by extending weblogic domain by running config wizard. On selecting portlet producers and going forward, it gives conflict error on oracle jrf. As per admin/install guide of webcenter portal install, if there are any conflict error go for keep existing components.
If I select keep options and move next, I get template error. I tried replace components too in that scenario also I get same domain template error. I tried to set config log file on running config wizard, it gave me some additional clues that duplicate application jar for ucm from ECM folder. I can give more details but if any of you guys have tried this and able to make it work let me know.

By the way if I configure re-built vm as dev_spaces domain means just set for webcenter spaces but no soa/bpm and then run config wizard to add portlet server as additional component then it did not give any error and run smoothly. I was able to run portlet server as managed server in spaces domain.

I would like to have all of these components under one vm so trying soa/bpm vm configured as dev_bpm_sapces domain to just add portlet server.
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