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How to avoid popups re-displaying in task flow based portlet/producer

I have a bounded task flow based project/application that has a bunch of popups in it as well based on what actions the user takes. The task flow is consumed by a jspx page in the portlet producer, and the portlet producer is consumed by a WSRP consumer (equivalent of the portal).

The issue i am having is that if a user during their portal session using the portlet, ran through a use case where a popup needed to be displayed, and then clicked on the browser refresh button, somehow those popups get re-displayed. Initially i thought that maybe in the code, i could check to see if its looping through the same code which displays the popup, i could somehow manipulate it so that it doesn't re-display based on certain conditions. But the problem is that for the re-display of those popups, it doesn't even seem to be going through the code. So i am wondering if the consumer or producer is caching those somewhere and just re-displaying on their own. Sometimes, its even stranger because i pull the text content of those popups from an XML file, and because of the caching, it ends up displaying the content for say an OK popup on a Yes/No popup, which is really confusing for the user.

What could i do to fix this issue? Is there a way I could clear the popups out of cache, if they are being cached somewhere? Or is it some other issue. I am totally confused by this behavior of ADF/Webcenter etc. Or maybe i am ignoring some setting in any config file?

Your help is appreciated on this issue.

Thanks very much!
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