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How I can use my domain name for APEX Application at Oracle Cloud?

993211 Member Posts: 2
edited Jun 16, 2013 11:59AM in Database Cloud Service

1. I have for example and want that my customers use this domain to login at APEX Application at Oracle Cloud.
I don't want that my customers see and see instead of :)
How I can do it? Don't find any technical information about it...

2. Can I use my ssl certificates for my domain for Oracle Cloud Instance?


  • RickG
    RickG Member Posts: 120
    Pavel -

    Thanks for your question. At this time, you can use standard DNS interactions to redirect your URL to your Database Cloud Service, but that will just be the initial page. After that, the URLs will still be the longer form. We are planning to offer friendlier URLs in an upcoming release.

    Hope this helps.

    - Rick Greenwald
  • 993211
    993211 Member Posts: 2
    may be I don't understand you right...

    I have trial instance and test application here at - it's IP
    I write to my domain this IP =

    But when I test
    It is not work and write that url is wrong for this ssl sertificate

    If I understand you correct now it's impossible use simple URL to login at application for example
  • SathishJS
    SathishJS Member Posts: 86
    Basically you should be having a index.??? or some default page in and when the domain name is requested in the browser URL you should redirect the page request to the following URL to make it work.
  • Darrin Parker
    Darrin Parker Member Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon
    Hi Rick, do you know approximately when "friendly URLs" (DNS CNAME records I presume) will be supported? This is a show-stopper for us running any production apps in db cloud. I'm not a fan of advertising the technology in the URL as it will only confuse the most important people (the users). Similarly, the /apex is fine when the user is a developer, but for regular App users it would be better if there could be an alias like /a

    Thanks, Darrin
  • RickG
    RickG Member Posts: 120
    Hi Darrin -

    We aren't really allowed to talk about future dates, because of revenue recognition guidelines, among other things, but I can tell you that this is extremely high on our priority list.

    I will definitely post when we have a definite date. Other users have asked for the same thing, with the additional information that this is an absolute requirement for production, but not for the initial development stages. It sounds like your request is similar, yes?

    And thanks for your interest.

    - Rick Greenwald
  • Darrin Parker
    Darrin Parker Member Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon
    Thanks Rick-

    Yes my request is similar. We will use db cloud for development for now with the plan to try production when custom domains / friendly URLs is supported. As I mentioned, I also like the idea of supporting /a context root in addition to (or instead of) /apex as we would prefer that our underlying technology be hidden from the users.

  • Adrian Ward
    Adrian Ward Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Rick

    I need to make a decision as to whether to use our Oracle Cloud or Windows Azure, and it looks like we have to go with Azure because they support the use of our own domain.

    Any news at about how soon we get domain on Oracle cloud?

    Many Thanks


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