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SSL Handshake failure SOA

mdsabir Member Posts: 69
We currently facing weird issue in SOA SOA diagnostic log error message - "The property "Keystore Sign Alias" is not set." However we have configured all the keystores and both in WLS and EM . Still we see this error on the logs .

Based on the error (

WSM-00256: The property "Keystore Sign Alias" is not set


The problem may be:

The alias for the signature key or encryption key in the Oracle WSM keystore configuration does not exist in the Oracle WSM keystore.

The signature key, encryption key, or Oracle WSM keystore password is not synchronized between the keystore file and the keystore configuration for Oracle WSM. That is, at least one of the passwords does not have identical values in both locations.

We did follow the suggestions recommended as well. Even after doing so we still see this issue.

Has anyone encountered this issue before. Any pointer you can think off

FYI: We have done this similar configuration for another client on SOA instance..

We also have support SR Opened on this issue as well..


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