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Selecting Dates from Date selector in OBIEE


Can any one tell me how to proceed , and what might be the other steps in order to acheive this.

Q)The user would like to select multiple dates from date that date is and actual date datatype, the selector is a calendar,making it difficult to select multiple dates at the same time. version using is

Please provide me with your valuable suggestions.

Thanking you!



  • JaiG
    JaiG Member Posts: 319
    There's no way to do this out of box. I'd suggest using a drop-down prompt with multi-select enabled (which is probably the only other solution).
  • 994691
    994691 Member Posts: 93
    Even I got the same answer from other's. Thank you.
    And I have other threads opened for Presentation Variable in OBIEE reports, Needs to plot the values in x-axis linearly in obiee,Exporting to PDF in OBIEE I am waiting for some one to help me out of it. Can you please suggest me your views, If possible.
    Once again thanks for your response.
  • 998980
    998980 Member Posts: 114
    Try to cast(datefield as char(9)) and set it to be either a multiselect prompt or an edit box (with a default set there)

    That should make multiselect a bit easier.
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