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Whole Page Refreshes while Navigating between Pages

Sashank Pappu
Sashank Pappu Member Posts: 80
edited Apr 15, 2013 4:06AM in WebCenter Portal
Hi ,

I am using Jdev and I tried to implement a custom template with custom navigation in the template. Below are the details :

1) Created a Template with navigation links on the left side .
2) Added the Default Navgation links as follows :

*<af:forEach var="node" varStatus="vs"*

*items="#{navigationContext.defaultNavigationModel.listModel['startNode=/, includeStartNode=false']}">*

*<af:goLink id="pt_gl1" text="#{node.title}"*



*inlineStyle="font-size:small;#{node.selected ? 'font-weight:bold;' : ''}"/>*

*<af:spacer id="sp1" width="20px"/>*


3) I was able to display the content and the links and all the links are displaying the corresponding data in the content facet .

But when I click on any of the links the whole page is refreshing. Could you please let me know how can i make only the facet to refresh instead of whole page .

Thank you,
Sashank P


  • Yannick Ongena
    Yannick Ongena Member Posts: 1,986
    edited Apr 15, 2013 4:06AM
    It's normal that when you are using an af:goLink the entire page is refreshing. An af:goLink is just a normal hyperlink.
    That is normally the recommended case for a portal where you want robots to index your portal properly.

    If you really want to use PPR you have to use a commandButton instead. There is an example of that code in the normal portal template when you create a new webcenter portal application. Just copy that part and you should be fine.

    Edited by: Yannick Ongena on Apr 15, 2013 9:06 AM
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