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[nQSError: 96002] Can't retrieve variables from ESSBASE to BI


I'm trying to import ESSBASE variables from ESSBASE to OBIEE. It's working and I can see the initialization block for ESSBASE and the dynamic variables in Manage > Variables.
Otherwise, the variables are not populated or retrieved from the ESSBASE cube. I checked the source of the initialization block and checked the "Default Initialization String".

The current initialization string is: select essClusterMgmt_Pkg.getEssbaseNode_fn() from dual

When I click on the "Test..." button to see if BI is retrieving the variables, I have the attached error code: [nQSError: 96002] Essbase Error: NULL argument (2) passed to ESSAPI function EssSetActive.

Any idea?

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  • Generalab13
    Generalab13 Member Posts: 77
    Solution Found:

    1. The essbase URL in the Connection was setup as MYSERVERURL:PORT (example: The port (1425) should not be specified as BI will think it's an application name and will not be able to retrieve the variables.
    2. The data of execution to retrieve the variable values should also be defined as a daily basis and the date should be accurate.

    Hope it will help somebody else.
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