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Cannot undeploy from Management Server

EdSpn Member Posts: 78
edited May 8, 2013 6:17PM in Enterprise Manager
Hi all,

I am trying to undeploy a plugin from the Managent Server, but I get the following popup:
Management Agent for Management Service <hostname>:4890_Management_Service is not UP. Can not undeploy EMC VMAX Array. plugin
The following have been tried but do not help:
- restart OMS + Agent
- restart WebLogic Admin Server

This is now a showstopper and I don't know where to look for this.
Any suggestions highly appreciated!


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  • Hi,
    First I recommend to remove your hostname information from the output of your post.
    From the output it seems to indicate that your OMS is down. Could you please verify that the OMS in question is up using emctl status oms.
    What command did you use to remove the plug-in? Does emcli list_plugins_on_server show the deployed plug-in?

  • EdSpn
    EdSpn Member Posts: 78
    Hi Leighton,

    Thanks for the feedback. I just checked status oms and it seems fine:
    [[email protected] agent_inst]$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl status oms
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2
    Copyright (c) 1996, 2012 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    WebTier is Up
    Oracle Management Server is Up
    Yes, my plugin is still listed. I always use the following commands to undeploy:
    emcli delete_target -name="$TARGET_NAME"    -type="$TARGET_TYPE_NAME"
    emcli undeploy_plugin_from_agent  -plugin="$PLUGINID" -agent_names="$AGENT_NAME"
    emcli undeploy_plugin_from_server -plugin="$PLUGINID" -sys_password="$SYSPWD"
    I think the issue may be caused by another plugin. Will dig further.


    PS That hostname slipped through into the post. Just removed it :)
  • EdSpn
    EdSpn Member Posts: 78
    To complete the thread:

    I have found the offending plugin, and undeployed it (using the OEM UI in browser).
    After this, the issue was resolved, and I could successfully undeploy my own plugin.

  • Which plugin did you undeployed ?
  • EdSpn
    EdSpn Member Posts: 78
    It was not an Oracle provided plugin, but one of our own.
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