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Generating Custom Group members using SQL


I have a need to create a more user friendly "All Column Values" heading than the default supplied by BI 11.

Using this method i can accomplish that:

however in this method you have to manually select all the members that are to make up your new group.

Is is possible to select members using SQL?



    SriniVEERAVALLI Member Posts: 8,539 Gold Crown
    Use {} or try out as below
  • Hi Srini,

    Thanks for your response, but I'm not trying to pass the "all values" through a presentation variable. Rather I'm attempting to create a CUSTOM naming for "(ALL COLUMN VALUES)"

    Example, I have a dimension that is a list of products with 20K+ distinct values. On the prompt that filters this dimension i want the "All Column Values" selection to display as "All Products".

    The article i linked in my original post shows how to do this using a custom group, but the author selects the 50 members manually. This works if your dimension is something like states, but not for my "products" dimension that has 20k+ members.

    Furthermore it would be useful to have the custom group only made up of SELECT members that i chose with a SQL statement, such as all members with sales > 100k for the last 6 months.

    Yes giving the "All column values" a custom name is splitting hairs, but the summation of small tweaks like this is what sets apart "intuitive" reports from "bulky" reports.

  • sasiayaz
    sasiayaz Member Posts: 1
    You can mention your custom name for all values in the 'default value' part.

    @{Presentation Variable}{Default value}

    @{v_products}{All Product Values}

    So when my selection is open for all products, it will display "All Product Values".
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