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edited Feb 26, 2020 12:05PM in Business Process Management Suite
Hi guys,
sorry for my english. This is my scenario: I have an adf web application with a jspx page that contains a form. When an user save the form, I need to invoke a bpm and send some parameters ( an e-mail address and a number) to it. This bpm receives the parameter and sends an e-mail to the address represented by the first parameter every N minutes where N is the second parameters and execute a query to the db to write the hour of e-mail sending. I follow a guide to install the SOA Suite 11g on my pc and i work wkth Jdeveloper (so I can create a SOA application). So my questions are:
1) Is it possible? (I think yes :) )
2) How can I invoke a bpm from the actionListener of the save button in the form? I need to install another applications/tool ?
3) Can someone give me a tutorial (very easly) about the bpm? I saw samthing but they show how realize complicated processes (I need only how to receive 2 parameters, send an e-mail after expired a timer and execute a query).
4) After write the process how can try it without invoke from the jspx page?

Thanks very much!!!
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