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Cloud JPA EMF predeploy does not find unlisted entities - works locally

Michael OBrien
Michael OBrien Member Posts: 26 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 7, 2013 12:34AM in Java Cloud Service
Cloud developers,
I am seeing SE like behavior running a JTA persistence unit in the WAR - the Java EE 6 spec mandates EE container managed behavior - which is what I see running locally on my WebLogic OEPE server.
On the Cloud WLS I require the following in persistence.xml - just like i am running a RESOURCE_LOCAL pu - but I am running a JTA EMF.

<!-- not required on a standalone WLS server -->

On a local WebLogic server everything works fine and the predeploy of the persistence unit picks up the annotated @Entity/@MappedSuperclass classes fine - without specifying them - the standard for managed persistence units. It is almost like dynamic weaving is off on the cloud instance.


See my custom Metamodel toString() in that can be used to verify the correct number of entities and other relational metadata is loaded.
JPA Metamodel: [email protected] [ 7 Types: , 4 ManagedTypes: , 2 EntityTypes: , 2 MappedSuperclassTypes: , 0 EmbeddableTypes: ]

My issue with the truncated version of WLS 12c running on the oracle cloud is that everything annotated does not seem to be picked up - only XML configuration seems to be working - or pre-instrumented weaved entities in the case of JPA.
How can I get the EJB container to kick in a proper predeploy without resorting to static weaving.

Is there a set of extended examples beyond the SDK that has verified EAR templates containing Web Profile and full EE 6 examples for deployment of EJB beans both in the ejb.jar and the war (I understand EJB 3.1 is removed from the the cloud instance). This could match the supported/unsupported list below.

thank you
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