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Information Required for HTTPS configuration on Oracle Weblogic Server

ShoaibMujawar Member Posts: 7
edited Nov 7, 2013 7:30PM in SOA Suite Discusssions


We have our environment setup as below

    Terminal A : AdminServer


                IPM_server (It also has IPM Worklist )


                HR Application (Deployed on AdminServer)

    Terminal B : AdminServer

                soa_server (It has BPM Worklistapp)


We want our all servers to be HTTPS enabled(Secure) and all traffic will be routed to via a dedicated Web Server.

For E.g to access BPM Worklistapp, I'll type in my browser the following URL

    It should route me to https://mysoadomain:8001/integration/worklistapp, of course we need to hide this URL from User who is accessing this page and show him only "" url.

Same goes for following URLs:


1. How to route all traffic through Web Server i.e. web server as a router?

2. How many SSL certificate will be required?

3. How to achieve above requirement with one SSL certificate only?

4. If above question's answer is no, then

        4.1 HR application and IPM server are using same weblogic domain, I want two different certificate for Imaging and HR applciation.

            When Imaging URL "" is hit Imaging Certificate should be presented and when HR URL "" is hit,

            it should be presented with HR application Certificate.

            In a nut shell How to Use Multiple Certificate on One Weblogic Server?

5. How to enable HTTPS on ODDC server?


Shoaib Mujawar

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