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Importing Shared members into a DRM hierarchy

Desmond Member Posts: 28 Blue Ribbon

Hi !  I am attempting to import a hierarchy that contains shared members i.e. the same member exists under different parents where the first occurance is the primary member while all the other occurances of the member should be imported as shared.  However DRM treats the member as duplicate and accordingly prefixes or suffixes strings as defined in the Style tab in order to make the member unique.  Then when I export the hierarchy, I have to remove these prefexes for import into EPMA as shared members (which is set based on the IsPrimary flag)

Is there any way to indicate to DRM that it is a shared member and not make it prefix/suffix strings during the import ?

thanks !


Best Answer

  • N Truelove
    N Truelove Member Posts: 20
    edited Jun 13, 2013 10:23PM Answer ✓

    DRM makes each node unique, but tracks which one is primary and which are shared through properties in the Shared tab.  There is also a property to export the names without the suffix portion.  Check out the documentation on shared members!


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