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Unable to connect to soa and bam server

928665 Member Posts: 4
edited Jul 8, 2013 3:29PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Hello, I am struggling from 3 days to run the SOA server, I don't understand where I am going wrong, whenever I try starting soa server it says

Connection refused: connect. Could not connect to NodeManager. Check that it is running at localhost:5556., 

When I start the node manager and try to start the server again, it says

Exception while starting server 'soa_server1'. I Reinstalled the whole soa suite multiple times but it is showing the same error again. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.


  • abhay kumar
    abhay kumar Member Posts: 578

    Instead of starting from the node manager why don't you try to start the managed servers using the command startManagedWeblogic soa_server1 http://Adminserver:port

    and tell us what the error is. You may paste your error stack trace here.

    abhay kumar
  • 928665
    928665 Member Posts: 4

    Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. I was able to run the soa server by using the command startManagedWeblogic soa_server1 or by starting the node manager now. But, earlier I just used startWeblogic.cmd and I was able to run all the managed servers with it, but this is not the case now can you please explain me why?.


  • Ravi Jegga
    Ravi Jegga Member Posts: 809

    Same reply posted to your other question.


    1. By default, using out of box scripts (if you have NOT modified them), startWeblogic.cmd will start only the Admin Server. It will NOT start any managed servers like soa or bam.

    2. You mentioned it worked earlier. May be you modified it. OR you may had just one AdminServer that has SOA Components also. Like we can have Developers Domain for SOA/BPM where you will have just one Admin Server with all soa modules deployed. So starting Admin Server will be sufficient and you can access your soa stuff also.

    3. The real way to start any managed server is go to domain/bin folder and run : startManagedWeblogic.cmd (.sh for unix) nameofmanagedserver adminhost:adminport. If all parameters are correct, it will ask for Username and Password. You enter admin username and password.

    4. Another way is using Node Manager or back ground start up services. When node manager is used, it will NOT prompt for username and password. It will expect this information at some specified location and if that is NOT there, it will just die. Now that specific location is nothing but, under each managed server you should have a folder by name security. And under that folder have a file by name This file will have 2 lines like username=adminusername and in next line password=adminpassword.

    More details:


    Ravi Jegga

    Ravi Jegga
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