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Dynamic PartnerLink wsdlLocation

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edited Jul 12, 2004 3:33AM in BPEL

I am working on a billing process that needs to be able to determine which partner (i.e. the wsdl location) to connect to at run-time. I've read this can be done via WS-Addressing, but I don't see a way to do this using Oracle's BPEL implementation. I see that the wsdlLocation property is defined in the bpel.xml, but I don't see an api call or other place where I can dynamically set this.

Any help is appreciated.
Chris Natali


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    Hi Chris,

    C:\[orabpel install dir]\samples\references\DynamicPartnerLink shows how you can use an assign activity within a BPEL process to dynamically set the location of partnerLink.

    Please note that this information can also be dynamically set by the client/partner as it is initiating the BPEL process ( kind of "please process this request and call me back at this location with this correlation id"). In that use case the client/partner passes in the callback location and the correlation id in a WS-addressing header embedded in the header of the initiating request. Under the hood the BPEL engine, reads the WS-Addressing header and associates the client partnerLink with the provided information. That information is automatically used by the BPEL engine when it runs an invoke activity to call back the client.

    I hope this addresses your question.

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