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Webcenter BPM spaces tries to connect to localhost:8001


I got two domains, one with webcenter ( discussions,portlet,spaces) together with ucm and a soa, osb bpm domain.

both got its own server and rcu ( not on 1 server ).

I followed this guide and got it BPM workspace spaces successful deployed on the wc spaces server. All soa foreign ejb links and datasources are working

Configuring Oracle WebCenter Portal - 11g Release 1 (

Soa/bpm is also working and also tested the identity service.

Now I want to log in to webcenter spaces and this gives me errors ( lookupuser operation of the identity service). 

I used wireshark and add some extra fmw logging to the soa server and it shows the wc user is authenticated on the soa server

after  that I enabled the http logging on the webcenter server and I see that the wc spaces container ( bpm login bean) sends a http request to the localhost:8001 and not to the soa server address.

Does someone knows where I can find or change this localhost address , I already search the config domain folder and the mds database.


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