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Change account status without provisioning

madhatter Member Posts: 246
edited Jul 26, 2013 4:26PM in Identity Manager


my situation is as follows:

I am provisioning an account to some resource.

In the 'create account' task I check if there is already a matching account in the resource.

If such account does not exist, I create a new account in disabled state and return a status 'C' wich mapped to the 'Disabled' object state in the 'Task to Object Status Mapping'.

If such account already exists in the resource, I need to 'link' this account instead of creating a new one.

The problem is now I need to set the OIM account status in accordance with the real account state, i.e. if the existing account is enabled, I need to change the OIM account state to 'Enabled' too.

What are my options?



Best Answer

  • Kevin Pinsky
    Kevin Pinsky Member Posts: 5,322 Silver Crown
    Accepted Answer

    You can just return a response called "Account Linked Enabled" and "Account Linked Disabled" which triggers a separate task for each.  Create an adapter that returns a string value.  Make that value a response code.  Set the task to object status mapping to the Enabled or Disabled value for C response.  Just make sure you check the box for required for completion.



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