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Anyone successfully using Web Tier Web Cache as software load balancer?


I am trying to configure Oracle Web Cache as a software load balancer in front of an Oracle Forms 11g cluster.

I am having problems getting Web Cache to successfully forward request to more than one Forms server.

Each instance of Oracle Forms has an Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) which forwards requests to the Forms servlet deployed on each WebLogic managed server.

Web Cache is configured in "load balancer" mode to round-robin requests to the two OHS servers (the "origin servers").

Unfortunately, when I add more than one origin server to the Web Cache site-mapping definition, the web cache forwarding stops working.

If I have a single origin server, i.e. user->web cache->OHS->Forms Servlet, it works OK, but this is of course doesn't function as a load balancer.

Has anyone seen this problem before, or have a similar web cache configuration that works? I would be very interested in having a look at your configuration!

Thanks and best regards,


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