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What is the Advantage upgrading Essbase from Linux to Windows

878783 Member Posts: 45
edited Nov 22, 2013 6:55AM in EPM System Infrastructure

Hi My Client has decided to upgrade Hyperion from Linux servers to Windows servers.

I would like to know the advantages of upgrading to windows.

Could any one please let me know if you know any of the good things are.


  • $anty
    $anty Member Posts: 773 Silver Badge
    edited Aug 29, 2013 3:57PM

    I dont think thats possible. You can upgrade Hyperion to same OS type as exisiting.
    for e.g. If you have Linux, you can upgrade to Linux only.

    See this : Upgrading EPM System Products.



  • 878783
    878783 Member Posts: 45

    Thanks for your response Santy.

    Actually, We can do upgrade from Linux to Windows.

    I Just would like to know ids there any good features than Linus like performance ect

  • $anty
    $anty Member Posts: 773 Silver Badge

    Ohk. Great. Have you guys already tried it successfully ?
    I guess it would be from EAS Wizard if its only Essbase apps migration?

    I am not much on Linux side, but if you upgrade to Windows server 2008 R2 x64, you will benefit from its optimization features.



  • amith.madisetty
    amith.madisetty Member Posts: 869 Gold Badge


    I believe both can do better either if its a Linux or Windows but i believe Linux will take care of effective utilisation of memory cache and RAM compared to Windows as there are scenarios that unknown process consuming too much of memory or cpu cycle causing the less availability of resources to the application process (which might be because of Virus,auto upgrades,dependency process etc..)  compared to windows 2003 , 2008 gives much of efficiency in using windows env .



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