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SSL enabling problem on sun one 6.1

User282329 Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 11, 2013 4:34AM in Java System Web Server

Hello Team

I am trying to to enable the SSL on Iplanet  server 6.1

However I get an error while trying to to generate the csr from the console usign option cryptographic module as NSS..

Hence used the option as internal

After I give all the detials of the form / Page in  the console, generate the cert and while trying to install the cert  it asks me for the add cert, while i selecti yes , it gives me the error Incorrect usage:  no Private key, The server could not find the associated server priate key asociated with cert

what could be the issue, Please help





  • Hi,

    "No private Cert" means the database you are trying to install into does not have a matching private key for the public key on the certificate.

    1.  Confirm you are really installing back to the right instance. I have seen people raise a CSR inside the Admin instance and then try and

    install back into a normal instance.

    2. What version are you using?


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