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Orphan management in cubes

Hi, I’m using Oracle Warehouse builder

I want to fill a cube, and I have 2 problems:

1)     1) In cube policies setting (in a mapping, when I select my cube) I selected ‘Default Dimension Record’ for both ‘Load Policy for invalid key’ and ‘Load policy for null key’.

In my dimensions I did not specify any default value.

After execution of the mapping, in the table behind the cube it inserts ‘-1’, even when there is no record in the dimension with ‘-1’ surrogate key!

I want it to insert ‘NULL’ instead of ‘-1’ and I don’t know how…

2)     2) In cube policies when I want to select anything but ‘No maintenance’ I have to enable error table in cube settings. What if I don’t want to log any errors to any error table? And when I change ‘Record error rows’ to ‘no’ (In mapping, when cube is selected), it still inserts rows to error table.


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