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Oracle VM server with HP Management Component Pack


We installed Oracle VM server 3.2.4 on HP DL380 G7 hardware. Now we want to configure some hardware monitoring so we can detect broken memory modules or disks. On the HP site we read that we must install de HP Management Component Pack,

"The Linux Management Component Pack provides agent software for use on community-supported distributions. For RedHat and SUSE distributions, please use the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)."

We encountered an error when we installed the latest HP MCP with de hp-healh daemon. The daemon crashes after a few minutes, in /var/log/messages we see:

hpasmlited[10466] general protection ip:4212ae sp:7fff00a1d798 error:0 in hpasmlited[400000+34000]

Does anyone has good experiance with configuring hardware monitoring on HP hardware?



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