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How do I setup OEM to have an agent for a different platform?

user12022138 Member Posts: 2
edited Oct 23, 2013 1:02AM in Enterprise Manager

Hello all

Here is my situation.

I have my em12c( installed successfully on a Windows 2008r2 server.  I have Solaris 10 and 11 non-global zones that have Oracle 10 and 11 databases that I want to monitor.  This is all behind a firewall, so I can't use the self updater in em12c to download the agent to then use to push to our Solaris servers.

I've been trying to find out how I can:

- download the 12c management agent for Solaris 64-bit

- copy it to the correct place in the EM I have installed on our windows server.  There is no agent directory in the home directory for EM, but there are dirs for jdk16, logs, modules, oms, oracle_common, Oracle_WT, patch_wls1036, plugins, user_projects, utils, wlserver_10.3

But the Oracle documentation is very obtuse.  And I've exhausted my google-fu, so I'm hoping that someone can clarify / answer some questions for me please.

1) Is there something inherently bad about this model I'm trying to pursue, of having EM12c on a windows server whilest the databases are on Solaris?  That is apart from the challenge that I'm facing of setting it up.

2) Should I be downloading the full solaris 64-bit version installation for EM12c and then extracting the agent from it?

a) If so, which of the zip files would I look in and what path?

b) If not, where can I obtain this on the Oracle downloads area?

3) Should there be an agent directory on the EM12c home directory?  can I create it myself, or is the agent directory located in one of the subdirectories?  (which would be different from the explanation of the directory structure given in the OEM documention.)  I'm suspecting that it would be <<OEM HOME>>/oms/sysman/agent, but would like confirmation.




  • BrianPa
    BrianPa Member Posts: 255

    Hi Chris,

    To accomplish this task, you need to follow the instructions for "Acquiring Management Agent Software in Offline Mode", since your EM12c does not have direct internet access. The documentation contains instructions here:

    Briefly, you would go to the Self Update page in EM12c and retrieve the URL for the file, then download that file from an internet-connected machine and transfer it to your EM12c server.  Use the 'emcli' binary in the OMS_HOME/bin to import that file into EM12c with the import_update_catalog verb.  After that the Self Update -> Agent Software page should show agents for the additional platforms you need in an "available" status, which you then click on and then hit 'download'.  EM12c will give you another URL you can use to download the agent software from another internet-connected machine, along with instructions on how to import the downloaded file to EM12c.  Transfer that file to the EM12c server and import it as directed.  Then you will have an agent for that operating system available and you can deploy it to your Solaris servers.

    You should have an agent directory somewhere on your EM12c server already.  I'm not sure where the installer puts it, but you do not need to know that detail in order to deploy new agents to different servers.  If you do want to find the agent directory on your EM12c server, go to Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Agents, click on the agent whose name matches your EM12c server, and the summary section on the left side of the agent home page should tell you the agent's Oracle home and agent instance directories.

    For your direct questions:

    1) You can use one operating system for the EM12c machine and a different operating system(s) for your monitored hosts.  This is not a problem at all.  Some people (including me) would question using Windows at all for any piece of your architecture, but it should work fine.

    2) No.  You don't need to download another EM12c distribution, only the agent software which you access as described above and in the linked docs.

    3) If EM12c is already up and running, you have an agent directory somewhere on that host running EM12c.  You do not need to create it manually.  See my third paragraph if you'd like to find it.  Mine is in a different spot because I have done upgrades from EM12cR1 ( so I can't say offhand where it gets placed for a new installation of

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for the advice Brian.  That has helped a lot.  I've been able to get the catalog updated and the correct agent downloaded.

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