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DB adapter polling

SoaRedefined Member Posts: 2
edited Nov 10, 2013 11:24PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Hi all,

I need to know how SOA DB adapter can be used which could be triggered automatically. I know if used as polling service, it will trigger itself every time after given polling frequency period. I have a case in which we need to poll records from database on some specific date and time and send it to third party back end system. For Example, on any given date we need to poll records from database at 12 a.m and send it to other service.

Thanks in advance



  • AbhishekJ
    AbhishekJ Member Posts: 535 Silver Badge

    What you want to achieve essentially required a scheduler to trigger the composite. There are multiple ways to implement scheduler for SOA suite. You can create a scheduler job in OEM which will trigger a composite at specified date and time. You can also create a cron job to do the same. You can also use a Quartz scheduler to trigger the composite. Another alternative is to create a scheduler using Oracle DB DBMS_SCHEDULER package which will insert a row in  a separate table and a DB adapter listening for new rows in this table for trigger.

    Whichever approach you use, the composite will need a sync DB adapter of Select operation type to read records from the actual table and then process them as needed.

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