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How To Dynamically specify ArchiveDirectory for SyncRead operation in SOA11g

Hi All

I am trying to perform a read operation(SyncRead) and depending on the dynamic input directory location, I need to modify or change the ArchiveDirectory location as well.

As per the JCA file of the file adapter, I do have the PhysicalArchiveDirectory or LogicalArchiveDirectory, but how can I specify this value from BPEL?

< adapter-config name="fileRead" adapter="File Adapter" wsdlLocation="fileRead.wsdl" xmlns="">

<adapter-config name="readFile" adapter="File Adapter" wsdlLocation="readFile.wsdl" xmlns="">
  <connection-factory location="eis/FileAdapter"/>
  <endpoint-interaction portType="SynchRead_ptt" operation="SynchRead">
    <interaction-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.file.outbound.FileReadInteractionSpec">
      <property name="DeleteFile" value="true"/>
      <property name="PhysicalDirectory" value="C:\Read"/>
      <property name="FileName" value="AA12666.pdf"/>
      <property name="PhysicalArchiveDirectory" value="C:\Temp"/>


I want to specify the value for PhysicalArchiveDirectory from BPEL

I am able to set physicalDirectiry and filename through jca.file.Directory  and  jca.file.FileName respectively but what about the ArchiveDirectory?

Please help.

Thanks in advance


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