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weblogic portal login user from ebs user

Juw Member Posts: 169
edited Dec 16, 2013 3:11AM in WebCenter Portal

hi gurus,

what is the best solutions in integrating portal login user from ebs ? besides of using oracle SSO and OIM.

so after i login to my portal application, and then i click a link to EBS, the page will redirect me to EBS home page without asking me to relogin again.

for what i have search, there are 2 way :

- setting weblogic security provider from RDBMS.

- use EBS SDK for JavaEE

my Concern in using weblogic security provider from RDBMS :

- since i haven't found a way to encrypt the portal user password, i have to create a function to decrypt the EBS user password, and then match with the portal user plaintext password. and i don't know if this a secure solutions.

- this one, don't acquire a sharing session between portal and EBS.

my Concern in using EBS SDK for JavaEE :

- what is the best solutions ? just use the JAAS only or include session management ?

- i only find the docs, which is applied to oracle FMW 10g. i don't know if this sdk also worked on FMW 11g.

my middleware version :

portal :

EBS : 12.1.3

pls throw some light.



  • Juw
    Juw Member Posts: 169

    when i try to implement EBS SDK for JavaEE i stuck when re-building fndext.jar in windows.

    from E28169_02.pdf guide page 37. section Rebuilding the fndext.jar file for Oracle WebLogic Server on Windows:

    step no 13.

    when i run

    java -classpath "D:\mysrc;%CLASSPATH%" ^

    -DMJF=D:\mysrc\fndext.jar ^

    -Dfiles=D:\mysrc ^

    i get filenotfoundexception : null\wlManagementImplSource.jar

    have anyone facing same problem ?

    since there i can't move on the next step.

    pls throw some light

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