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Poor User Experience with Access Certifications using OIA

Merck launched an automated Access Entitlement Review Service two years ago using Oracle Identity Analytics to replace a manual spreadsheet based system for SOX and other regulatory compliance reviews. It was well received by our IT managers who were the primary reviewers for those SOX audits.   However, we are now recieving poor user  feedback as we expand the use of the service to business managers who are less IT savvy. They find the UI to be non-intutitve and lacking clear direction to how to navigate and complete a certification.  We understand that the UI and overall experience will be addressed as OIA capabilities are merged into future OIM releases.   In the Long term Merck will look to leverage OIM and the enhanced ADF interface for our Access Review service. But in the short term we are looking for feedback from other OIA customers on how they have addressed the limitations of the current UI and if they have been successful in having non-IT managers complete certifications. Your feedback and perspective would be greatly appreciated.


John Tryon

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