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select thousand rows with dbadapter

Juw Member Posts: 169
edited Jan 9, 2014 2:27AM in Integration - Adapters

hi guys,

anyone have tried to select thousand of rows data from database using soa db adapter ?

everytime i tried to select more than 5000 rows, then it will turn into error.

i'm using jdev soa

error code from console


<Jan 7, 2014 5:46:52 PM ICT> <Error> <EJB> <BEA-010026> <Exception occurred during commit of transaction Name=[EJB com.collaxa.cube.engine.ejb.impl.bpel.BPELDeliveryBean.handleInvoke(com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.message.invoke.InvokeInstanceMessage)],Xid=BEA1-1E4FA285A12B8F14E263(57883289),Status=Rolled back. [Reason=weblogic.transaction.internal.TimedOutException: Transaction has timed out when making request to XAResource 'jdbc/apps_bpm_domain'.],numRepliesOwedMe=0,numRepliesOwedOthers=0,seconds since begin=307,seconds left=54,XAServerResourceInfo[SOADataSource_bpm_domain]=(ServerResourceInfo[SOADataSource_bpm_domain]=(state=rolledback,assigned=soa_server1),xar=SOADataSource,re-Registered = false),XAServerResourceInfo[jdbc/smhr_bpm_domain]=(ServerResourceInfo[jdbc/smhr_bpm_domain]=(state=rolledback,assigned=soa_server1),xar=jdbc/smhr,re-Registered = false),XAServerResourceInfo[jdbc/apps_bpm_domain]=(ServerResourceInfo[jdbc/apps_bpm_domain]=(state=rolledback,assigned=soa_server1)

,xar=jdbc/apps,re-Registered = false),SCInfo[bpm_domain+soa_server1]=(state=rolledback),properties=({[EJB com.collaxa.cube.engine.ejb.impl.bpel.BPELDeliveryBean.handleInvoke(com.collaxa.cube.engine.dispatch.message.invoke.InvokeInstanceMessage)]}),local properties=({weblogic.jdbc.jta.SOADataSource=[ No XAConnection is attached to this TxInfo ], weblogic.jdbc.jta.jdbc/apps=[ No XAConnection is attached to this TxInfo ], weblogic.jdbc.jta.jdbc/smhr=[ No XAConnection is attached to this TxInfo ]}),OwnerTransactionManager=ServerTM[ServerCoordinatorDescriptor=(CoordinatorURL=soa_server1+, XAResources={SOADataSource_bpm_domain, eis/Apps/Apps, eis/tibjms/Queue, eis/activemq/Queue, WLStore_bpm_domain__WLS_soa_server1, EDNDataSource_bpm_domain, WLStore_bpm_domain_SOAJMSFileStore, WLStore_bpm_domain_UMSJMSFileStore_auto_2, eis/webspheremq/Queue, eis/AQ/aqSample, eis/fioranomq/Topic, eis/aqjms/Queue, eis/sunmq/Queue, eis/pramati/Queue, j

dbc/hr_bpm_domain, eis/tibjms/Topic, eis/tibjmsDirect/Queue, eis/jbossmq/Queue, WSATGatewayRM_soa_server1_bpm_domain, eis/wls/Queue, eis/tibjmsDirect/Topic, WLStore_bpm_domain_AGJMSFileStore, WLStore_bpm_domain_BPMJMSFileStore, eis/wls/Topic, WLStore_bpm_domain_PS6SOAJMSFileStore, eis/aqjms/Topic, jdbc/smhr_bpm_domain, jdbc/apps_bpm_domain},NonXAResources={})],CoordinatorURL=soa_server1+ weblogic.transaction.RollbackException: Transaction has timed out when making request to XAResource 'jdbc/apps_bpm_domain'.


pls throw some light.




  • S.Ananth
    S.Ananth Member Posts: 105

    The error points to timeout being exceeded during the select of large no. of records. Try after setting/increasing the query timeout value in the db adapter (you can set this via the db adapter configuration wizard).

  • Juw
    Juw Member Posts: 169

    by default the value of the timeout is zero (0). it has no timeout for my understanding.

    now i'm trying to find workaround.

    i'll create 2 soa composite. 1 for get 500rows of data every time invoked. and 1 to loop to call the 1st composite.

    this one work but have a intermittent error.

    1st issue is i have to allocate a lot of connection pool to handle lots of db connection based on the db row data.

    2nd issue i can't trace the xml in SOA EM composite request.

    is the only way is to let the copy data from 1 database to another database handled by the DB ? cannot utilize the soa ?

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