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Opening and saving .mhtml files to txt or .csv

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edited Jan 9, 2014 1:34PM in Data Integrator

Hello All,

I need to accomplish the following and it's way beyond my immediate skill set.  I need ODI to do the following:

1.     Receive an attachment in email and drop it in a folder (got this one)

2.     The attachment is a report in ,mhtml format.  I need to get the content of the file, minus some of the header info, loaded into a table.  To handle this manually, the user opens the .mhtml file and saves it as a .csv file and deletes the unwanted header info. I'd like to find a way to handle this in ODI without user intervention.

3.     Once the contents is in a loadable format, load the data to tables.

My stumbling point is working with the .mhtml file.  Never done this before.  I'm sure there are options and some smart people have already figured this out.  I'm hoping someone will share their solution.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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