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Need Help in finding Locked Entities using dot net api


I have an application built in dot net which communicates with the HFM server using the Interop DLL's which I got from the web sdk kit.

Now I am trying to check if the status for an Entity is Locked or not for a particular Scenario / Period / Year.

What I found from the web api documentation is that I need to use the "GetLockStatusICEntity" method which is a part of "IHsvAdminICM" Interface or the "HsvAdminICM" class.

But when I try to reference the IHsvAdminICM interface from my dot net code, it is not able to find the reference to it.

What is it that I am doing wrong?

Am I missing some dll's, if yes, where can I download them from?

If this is not the right way to check if an entity is locked or not, and if  not locked - lock it. What is the right way?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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