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Unable to instantiate connection factory. JMS adapter was unable to look up the connection factory

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edited Jan 21, 2014 11:43PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Hi All,

My BPEL Process is invoking one JMS Adapter ,When it is invoking JMS Adapter,I am getting below error:

Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference

operation 'Produce_Ocoren_Msg' failed due to: JCA Binding Component connection issue. JCA Binding Component is unable to create an

outbound JCA (CCI) connection. OTMIntegrationsToAIHUB:Send_Ocoren_To_JMS [ Produce_Ocoren_Msg_ptt::Produce_Ocoren_Msg(body) ] : The

JCA Binding Component was unable to establish an outbound JCA CCI connection due to the following issue: BINDING.JCA-12141

ERRJMS_CONN_FAC_NOT_FOUND. ERRJMS_CONN_FAC_NOT_FOUND. Unable to instantiate connection factory. JMS adapter was unable to look up

the connection factory jms/dhl_jmsCF_qa neither through JNDI nor instantiate it as a Java class. Please examine the log file to

determine the problem. Please make sure that the JCA connection factory and any dependent connection factories have been configured

with a sufficient limit for max connections. Please also make sure that the physical connection to the backend EIS is available and

the backend itself is accepting connections. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error

message carefully to determine a resolution.

Please guide me to resolve this issue




  • Seems like your JMS connection hasn't been configured properly.. Login to weblogic console and verify if JMS Servers, JMS Modules, Queues or Topic - are configured properly..

  • 902286
    902286 Member Posts: 139

    Hi Puneet,

    Thank you for your reply.

    As you said,I had looked at JMS Servers,JMS Modules,Queues etc.What I observed is the soa_server2(we have a cluster of soa_server1 and soa_server2) is down.On top of that SOAJMSServer_auto_2 is also down(it is because of soa_server2 is down).On top of that , I am getting SOAJMSFilestore (that is persistent store on which SOAJMSServer_auto_2 is dependent)

    does not exist even though it is listed in persistent stores.When I configured my JMS Adapter ,everything was deployed porperly.No errors at that time.

    Now some settings were changed.As admin activities are in client control, I told them to make them available.

    They asked whether I can work on soa_server1, but the SOAJMSServer_auto_1(which is part of soa_server1) is not available in subdeployments section.

    I told them if at all I have to work on soa_server1,I need to get all the components proper.

    Let me know what I am doing is right

  • Is this a Queue or Topic ?

    Just follow this link and see, if you have things right..

    It would make steps up clear for you.

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