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Issue with View in ODI

getsaby Member Posts: 19
edited Jan 30, 2014 6:00PM in Data Integrator

So here's some puzzle, I am not able to solve. I have a View created on Oracle DB.

The view uses sys.dbms_crypto.hash(src => to_clob(COLUMN-1||COLUMN-2||..........||COLUMN-N),TYP => 3) and also DB link.

Basically, we are trying to implement some VALIDATION logic for our dimension, we calculate HASH value when we load our dimension and then on nightly run we compare all data from source with the loaded dimension on Validation_Hash, if there is a miss-match, which implies there was a change on Source data, another case is we are missing some rows in dimension. we capture all these rows and load into staging table and process accordingly.

Now the issue is, When I Select from that View, I see no data from SQL developer, but see almost all rows in ODI.

We are on ODI and on Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production.

Any idea, whats going on here.





  • The only possibility I can think off causing such difference in behavior is if you have configured any onConnect command for your dataserver connection in ODI which could be altering the DB connection session. Otherwise I would expect both swldeveloper and odi executing sql on same underlying jdbc connection so the behavior should be matching.

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