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Can you horizontal shift the display of the XVR-100 ?

ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon

An odd problem with a few Blade 1500's with XVR-100 video cards...

Recently been given Samsung monitors with native resolutions of 1920x1080, so using them as secondary monitors with xinerama (primary Sun monitor is 1920x1200). 

They work OK and detect properly in fbconfig except I can't get the monitor to autoadjust properly.  It seems the display is shifted about 1 inch to the left, cutting off the display and leaving empty space on the right.  Somehow I need to shift the display output to the right but the monitor itself stupidly has no manual adjustments (not to that shift distance anyway).

The only current fix I have is to drop the resolution down to the next available supported which is 1600x1200, then the autoadjust works and centres the screen, but with blurry non-native results.

I cant figure out if it's a compatibility problem with the monitors and cards, buggy driver (Solaris 10), or something else.  I don't have any other model card to test with or other monitor brands with the same native resolutions so I can only shrug and live with the dropped resolution for now.

Oddly, the "Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator Installation Guide" Table 1-1 says the resolution is supported, but the "Oracle Systems Handbook" does not.  I wonder if maybe it's a bad res?

Any thoughts, people running 1920x1080?



  • The problem is certainly due that the resolution you want works only with Sun specific sync frequencies.

    This resolution is based on Full HD television standard but the "IT standard" is too recent for this card.

  • ODesk
    ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon

    Thanks Pascal

    Whats your opinion of the XVR-600, I might be able to get my hands on one to test but might take some effort and don't want to waste my time if you think it will suffer the same problem   If it works I'll consider buying some second-hand.

    Is there a way to identify and specify the sync frequencies in a configuration for fbconfig to then use (we're using Solaris 10 Java Desktop, Xsun)?  It's a bit out of my knowledge area.

    Can 3rd party cards be used in the Blade 1500 or only Sun cards?  I know I'm stretching, but also learning. 

  • Based on XVR-600 specs, this will be the same problem.

    The root cause is not on SPARC or Solaris sides but more on standards. I had the same issues with Windows, Nextstep/Openstep and OS/2.

    As not all resolutions that we can see in the IT world are standards the side effect is that not all monitors/cards can support them.

    You can still trying with 3rd party cards, if they are still available, but I cannot guarantee that it will works.

    SPARC video cards are still listed on Tech Source website for example.

    You can of course also trying with a different monitor that support variable sync frequencies.

  • ODesk
    ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon

    Thanks again.  I'm going to leave it as is for now simply because it's of low importance.  Just thankful to have a second monitor at all   Might look into another video card down the track, wasn't sure if you could use 3rd party cards on SPARC machines but will obviously need to hunt for compatibility.  But your answers shed a lot of light for me and I'm sure for others!

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