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Problem running graphs in Sample OEID 3.1 application

Kshitij Degaonkar
Kshitij Degaonkar Member Posts: 4
edited Mar 26, 2014 7:04PM in Endeca Information Discovery

Hi all,

I just installed OEID 3.1 and I am trying to run the sample application provided by oracle referring to the steps in the "Creating a Sample Application from Data Ingested using Integrator ETL" topic in the Getting Started guide in the OEID 3.1 documentation.

I have ingested the sample data into Endeca Server using the the Integrator ETL pipeline.

Now, when I try to run the graph named Baseline.grf using the Clover IDE for Integrator ETL, it throws the following errors -

Execution of graph './graph/InitDataDomain.grf' failed!

  Error during graph initialization.

   Component [Create Data Domain:CREATE_DATA_DOMAIN] initilization failed.

    Unable to establish Web Service proxy.

     Unable to establish WSDL analyzer.

      Unable to read WSDL file from location 'https://localhost:7002/endeca-server/ws/manage?wsdl'.

       WSDLException: faultCode=PARSER_ERROR: Wsdl not found https://localhost:7002/endeca-server/ws/manage?wsdl

  Inner exception: Element [CREATE_DATA_DOMAIN:Create Data Domain]-Component [Create Data Domain:CREATE_DATA_DOMAIN] initilization failed.


I am using SSL based communication.

I have even updated the port numbers to 7002 (that's my SSL port for endeca server) in workspace.prm and I have even changed my graphs to refer to https rather than http.

But I am still getting this error.

I have added VM arguments in JRE for trustStore and keyStore file paths and corresponding passwords.

I have added the same in IntegratorETL.ini file too.

I have also marked SSL-enabled as true for components which have that property.

Interestingly, I am even able to load the wsdl file from the browser if I enter the URL


while Integrator ETL designer mentions the exact same URL when it gives the WSDL exception saying Wsdl not found.

Can anyone tell me what the issue could be and how I need to fix this?

Any help/suggestions appreciated.




Best Answer

  • JM-Oracle
    JM-Oracle Member Posts: 198
    Answer ✓

    Hi Kshitij,

    I consulted with several groups, and while it does initially look like a hostname resolution issue (this came up a lot), support suggested to me that this is related to the fact that you are trying to run the Sample application in SSL mode, whereas the Getting Started Guide that documents this application indicates that it runs in non-SSL mode only. That is, when installing software for the purposes of running a sample app (and not for production), you must explicitly uncheck the SSL flag. This is not recommended in production.

    Thus, I suggest to uninstall and reinstall in non-secure mode.

    Please see here, for the requirements on the sample app. The doc includes a "no SSL" requirement:

    Hope this helps and sorry you need to reinstall.



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