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How to poll for a file in different server using ODIFILEWAIT

2628428 Member Posts: 8
edited Mar 26, 2014 6:52AM in Data Integrator

Hi Experts,

I need to check for the arrival of a file in a remote server (A). My ODI is installed in server B. I understand that I can use ODIFILEWAIT command but there is no option to select the IP/HOST to do polling on. That's why I am assuming it lets you poll only in the server ODI is installed on. Can you please suggest a way to do the same at remote server at the earliest. the requirement is very urgent. Thank you in advance!



  • Sh!va
    Sh!va Member Posts: 1,035 Gold Badge

    Why don't you bring the file on server B by ftp,or psexec then build it from there any specific requirement to take file from remote server directly from ODI??



  • _Phil
    _Phil Member Posts: 327
    edited Mar 26, 2014 6:52AM

    The file needs to be local to the ODI agent executing the session.

    I suggest two options:

    1) A standalone agent on server A

    2) If possible, map or mount the remote file location onto server B so that it appears 'local'.

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