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Weblogic Server Console Admin password on Oracle E-Business Suite Extension for oracle Endeca

Neora Member Posts: 3
edited Apr 7, 2014 6:25PM in Endeca Information Discovery

Hi everyone,

I have been installed Oracle E-Business Suite Extension for oracle Endeca,  version --> Doc ID 1562372.1

When I need to login onto --> this is my environment

it askme a user and password:

I tried with weblogic/weblogic; weblogic/admin; admin/weblogic etc.

In this Doc. there are not any user or  password for this

Could you help me?

thanks and regards.


Best Answer


  • Frank
    Frank Member Posts: 88


    I'm assuming that someone has already created a WebLogic domain for your application. When the domain was created, you had to specify a name and password for the WebLogic admin for that domain. That's the name/password you have to supply when you log into the WebLogic Admin Console.

    There is no default admin. Some people use weblogic/welcome1 when creating a test domain. Try that. If it doesn't work, then you have to ask the person who created the domain.

  • Neora
    Neora Member Posts: 3

    Hi Frank,

    Actually I performed the installation. I followed instrucctions on this note Doc ID 1562372.1

    Weblogic installation is made by assistant and in any moment didn't asked for user and password.

    Suddenly on:

    4.3.3 Configure the EID installation Set Up the Database

         c) Patch Oracle E-Business Suite artifacts to the EID installation


    • Log in to the Endeca domain admin console at the following URL: http://<endeca-hostname>:7002/console

    But they didn't give to me the user and password or maybe I'm forgetting something?

    please, help me out!

    PD. Sorry for my english.

    thanks and regards


  • Frank
    Frank Member Posts: 88

    First of all, I've done a lot of Endeca Server installations, but I've never installed this particular product, so I'm going by the doc. However, check this part of the doc: Configure Endeca Components

    After the database is set up, you must perform these tasks to deploy the Oracle E-Business suite artifacts on the EID installation and integrate EID with the Oracle E-Business Suite instance.

    • a) Perform Endeca UI and ETL setup. 
    • b) Perform product-specific configuration.
    • c) If necessary, patch Oracle E-Business Suite artifacts to the EID installation.
    • d) Integrate EID with the Oracle E-Business Suite instance and verify the setup.

    a) Perform Endeca UI and ETL setup

    To set up the Endeca UI and ETL, configure the Endeca components, start the servers, and create a JNDI datasource.


    Run the environment setup script using the following command: ./

    When prompted, select the phase to run. Run the following phases in the order shown:

    • Phase 2 - Install Weblogic Server, ADF Runtime, Endeca Server
    • Phase 3 - Create Endeca Domain
    • Phase 4 - Create Integrator Domain
    • Phase 5 - Initialize Studio portal

    As you can see, Phase 3 is where the WebLogic domain for Endeca was created. In other words, you are not asked for a password when you install WebLogic, or when you install ADF, or when you install Endeca Server. Rather, is only after installing all those 3 components that you create the domain.

    In all the domain creations that I've done, you are asked for the name and password of the domain admin. Perhaps it's different for this product. However, the doc does show that a domain was created, by this location:


    The "endeca_domain" part is the name of the WebLogic domain for Endeca.

    To summarize, I can't provide any more information unless I know exactly what happened when you ran Phase 3.

  • kumar_1302
    kumar_1302 Member Posts: 36
    Answer ✓

    Hi Vladimir,

    Try with credentials endeca/welcome123

  • Neora
    Neora Member Posts: 3
    edited Apr 7, 2014 6:26PM

    Thank you kumar_1302, this user and password Works perfectly.

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