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How to use xls/xml files in Repository as DSN on OBIEE Linux?

Raluca Balan-Oracle
Raluca Balan-Oracle Member Posts: 22 Employee


I have a VirtualBox image on Linux that has installed OBIEE and Oracle Database 11g.

I have an Excel file that has several sheets, each sheet represents a table that should be embedded inside my RPD that runs on Linux.

I am working on a new project that consists on adding a MS Excel file as data source as a new connection source inside the repository.

On Windows environment, I can embed the Excel file using an ODBC Driver for Excel, but since my OBIEE is running on Linux VBox, I would like to proceed in the same way on Linux.

If you have encountered something similar and embedded an Excel file(or other formats) inside the RPD within an Linux Environment, could you please advice on how should I proceed?

How can I add as DSN format files such as xls, xml etc from Linux and use inside the RPD opened with Administration Tool from my Windows host?



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