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Unsaved Version - After Restart of DRM services

2627434 Member Posts: 20

I know that any unsaved version, after the DRM services are restarted, gets wiped away. But is there a feature from back end / some other technique, to identify that version, (which got wiped away)? Any logs / Audit feature that can be checked to see the name of unsaved version?

Please guide.


sucharit narang



  • Sh!va
    Sh!va Member Posts: 1,035 Gold Badge

    You can check HISTORY table, can't remember the exact table name but it contain HISTORY word in table name..but not so sure if it maintain version deletion entry(never tested)

    Thats the only possible place i can think for this issue...



  • Murali Pasumarti
    Murali Pasumarti Boston, MAMember Posts: 498 Gold Badge
    1. Select Audit     
    2. Select Audit Type as Transactions 
    3. Don't select any value for Version/Hierarchy/Node ( just leave it) 
    4. On your right select System Transactions 
    5. In the Filters Tab 
    6. Select Actions as 'Delete Version' 
    7. Please specify a Date Range otherwise you will get all the deleted versions since the application creation.


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