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Importing file to inbox - Automation

SR Member Posts: 172
edited May 13, 2014 5:18PM in Financial Data Management

We have an import script which will load a excell file from App\Inbox folder to a FDM app , which is working fine. I see just Import option but not any browse for file option in import section as i am using custome script.  But how a common end user can load files to inbox? Any ideas? Work arounds? Custom scripting?



  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    FDM users can upload files from the same popup windows they select file to import from inbox.

    There is an upload button there.


  • SR
    SR Member Posts: 172

    Thanks Fransisco.

    unfortunately, "Select file" button is faded out in "Select file from inbox" tab. Upload file tab has "import" option only as we are using import script. Any ideas?

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown


    so you are using an integration script. Any reason for using integration script for the file?

    if you use integration scrip then upload option will be faded as you cannot select a file to be imported. This is standard.

    You could create a shared folder where users copy files and adjust your integration script to firstly copy the file from this shared into the inbox or just import from there. If you use naming convention for your file then you can easily automate the import.

    How many users do you have?

    Francisco Amores
  • SR
    SR Member Posts: 172

    Actually we did that. but our users prefer to load directly from their own machines. Is there any work around to do that?

    I have around 10 users for now, may go up to 50.

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    So again:

    - you are going to use an integration script

    - you want users to upload files that will be processed by the integration script...

    why you don't use standard import and build any customization in event scripts when executed when importing rather than using the integration script?

    Is there any strong reason to use the integration script?

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