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Unable to copy all settings across environment

user8452342 Member Posts: 26
edited May 19, 2014 11:42AM in Financial Data Management

Good Day Folks,

Recently we have migrated a new FDM app from Non Production to Production which communicates with Planning app.

Procedure is as below:

1. Created application in new environment.

2. Imported XML file (export taken in pp)

3. Registered the adapter and created machine profile

Both FDM and Planning apps are working fine and able to load data to target application.

Problem is that I'm unable to carry some settings like "Web settings" and locked POV using "Lock Current Point of View".

I used to get Headcount data for a specific location quarterly base and user need to load on 1st month of quarter. I have locked the POV for remaining 2 months.

After migration all locations are unlocked.

I know that schema copy from back end and adding the application will solve the problem but not a good practice.

This will not help when we get Metadata changes monthly.

Please guide if there is alternative for "Lock Current Point of View".

Need help.

Thanks in advance.



  • KKT
    KKT Member Posts: 1,128

    From my point of view Oracle Client issue.
    What oracle Client is installed and what db version is being used? What is your cursor sharing db parameter set to? Have you had the DBA run a trace when this process was performed?

    To be honest this is going to be more complicated in forum discussion
    I would continue to work through the sr process.



  • JeffJon
    JeffJon Member Posts: 1,141

    Just a note that the XML import/export is only used for creating a new app, so monthly metadata changes will not be able to be imported via the XML import/export.

    The correct way to perform this process would be to migrate the DB from the source enviornment to the Target and then use <Add Application>

    You can then delete any data you do not need in the application by deleting the periods and re-adding them back.    

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