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Generate UDML in Obiee 10g

From one of the forums in the Oracle Community, I am trying to follow the below steps to generate udml.

If you are on Linux/Solaris then source the bi-init which sets up the environment variables for OBIEE commands

. {OBIEE11GInstance}/bifoundation/OracleBIApplication/coreapplication/setup/

Run the nqUDMLgen command located in the Oracle_BI1 folder:


The command to run, with parameters:

nqudmlgen –P <rpd Admin Password> -R <Path to RPD File>  -O <Path to Output UDML file>

This will create a large UDML file of your entire repository.

In the first step I am unable to find the in the setup folder.

All I see in the folder related to are and  Will there be a file in 10g or should we run

If I generate udml normally using the syntax without running the, it says cannot execute. Please help me.

Environment: Solaris

Obiee 10x


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