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Calling OEDQ Web Services externally

user3035423 Member Posts: 19
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We do have integrated UCM Siebel with OEDQ and AV server. We are using Loqate knowledge base. In our client enterprise architecture there is requirement to call web servcies exposed on OEDQ also by other applications within Enterprise. We generated WSDL file from OEDQ of given web services and tried to call them from SOAPUI. Without success. Can you please suggest what do we miss in given OOTB WSDLs to be able to call OEDQ WS externally? Authentication or something else? Maybe it would be nice if you can list all required steps to achieve this goal.

Thanking in advance





  • Mike-Matthews-Oracle
    Mike-Matthews-Oracle Member Posts: 1,547 Employee

    Hi Milan,

    This is normally completely straightforward and just a matter of configuring SOAP UI to use BASIC authentication and a user with rights to use the messaging interface (e.g. an admin user).

    I assume you mean from the above that you are using the WSDL URL that is generated for you by EDQ (from the Web Services page on the Launchpad).


  • Mike-Matthews-Oracle
    Mike-Matthews-Oracle Member Posts: 1,547 Employee

    To put a little meat on this, you need to set an EDQ username and password for a test case in SoapUI in the parameters in the bottom left of the window:


    See the Username and Password properties near the bottom left.

    The web service tester logs into EDQ the same way as the normal UI and uses the its session to send web service requests.  This is something a standalone client would not be able to do.

    Assuming your client can support Basic authentication as a minimum, there is nothing special about calling web services in EDQ - just POST your SOAP message at the URL and get the SOAP response back.


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