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Delay after clicking on a report

Hi all,   I have a weird issue I was hoping someone can help me with.   I have lots of BI reports on my App and I noticed that after I click on a report it takes some time before the cell gets "selected" (it turns the background gray). I checked what is going on with Firebug and all I see is a POST for "ReloadDashboard" that takes a couple of seconds.   The real issue comes with a TextBox I have a on a report to allow users enter notes (that get inserted vía Ajax) and after I click on the TextBox it can take up to 20 seconds before I can enter Text, all because of this: "ReloadDashboard" post.   After the fist "ReloadDashboard", the next clicks all work fine, without any waiting.   Does anyone knows anything about this?? Thanks, Alejandro

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