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Table Data usage in OPA

   We have a requirement wherein we need to calculate value based on data present in table values, Table will be used with user captured values to get output.

   It's like: Take upper and lower limit of given value from table and use upper and lower limit in formula. Table will have predefined values. It will kind of lookup table.

     Is it possible to implement in OPA?



Oracle Fusion Middleware Development Team


  • Matt Sevin-Oracle
    Matt Sevin-Oracle Member, Moderator Posts: 310 Employee

    Yes, but the "table" may not look exactly like you may be picturing.  Think of it this way: there is an upper limit (attribute) and a lower limit (attribute) to be determined based on some conditions (one or more attributes).  That could be implemented in a table or a single rule depending on exactly how the limits are determined (e.g. a "limit" which is defined as rounding to the nearest 100 above and below a value does not require a table of all possible ranges.)   The second rule/policy/calculation then uses the determined upper limit and lower limit as conditions, in a calculation, etc.    

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Development Team
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