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Multiload from SQL

786797 Member Posts: 83
edited Jul 11, 2014 10:37AM in Financial Data Management


is it possible to kick off a mutliload from a sql source?

i have 12 periods in one table for my entities (historic data) and i would like to avoid having to load all this manually.

i know how to load from sql or do a multiload from files, but how can i load multiple periods for 1 or more entities in one go? is it feasible by script maybe?




  • JTF85
    JTF85 Member Posts: 268

    What version of FDM or FDMEE are you on?  Have you considered using batch loader (Blank Files since your using an integration script), while technically it would still be one period at a time the effort would be pretty much lights out.  Since you say it's historical data it wouldn't seem like you would need this on a repeat basis in the future.



  • 786797
    786797 Member Posts: 83

    i am on fdm

    regarding batchloader: is your idea to create x (number of location) * 12 files and let the BL run a serial load for example? i guess this could be a good idea actually.

    for a 1 time shot anyways. i could see the need of this being reused for budget or forecast load, but i think this could be a good start. i will give it some thoughts. thanks.

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown


    FDM or FDMEE?

    you can use open interface adapter for that purpose. You can have data for the 12 periods in the open interface table and select the range of periods when executing the data load rule from the DATA LOAD RULE page (not from data load workbench)

    Another option would be to customize FDMEE to use period dimension as a column. This can be done with lookup dimensions and adjusting the export data. If HFM you can adjust HFM_EXPORT.vbs action script. If HP/ESSBASE you can use SQL load method and adjust the SQL view used to export data.

    if you refer to FDM then you can customize FDM to use period as column. Similar solution to FDMEE.

    hope that clarifies

    Francisco Amores
  • 786797
    786797 Member Posts: 83

    using period as a column is an interesting idea. i will need to see how that can work. but i guess i would need a separate application for this. thank you.

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    if it's only for one shot I would use batch loader for FDM or period range load from open interface table for FDMEE.

  • 786797
    786797 Member Posts: 83

    it is for FDM.

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    One shot only?

    enable UD dimension in the adapter, for example UD5. Set foreign name to Period. Create an integration script where you import Period in UD5. Adjust EXPORT action script so instead of exporting POV period, you export UD5X.

    you period in the POV will be ignored as data will be loaded to multiple periods in UD5.

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